Guard Tour System

Smart cloud guard tour, open the patrol cloud era.

Patrol is a guarantee of normal production and life. The scientific and standardized management of the patrol work can minimize the safety risks, eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure the safety of person and property.


Traditional patrol systems are unable to meet the increasing security requirements as technology levels increase. Landwell cloud guard tour is a brand new Internet patrol. It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional patrol system and improves the patrol performance. Cloud guard tour helps all areas of business more efficiently and freely to explore the value of data and achieve intelligent management of guard tour with cloud storage technology.

More secure

Cloud guard tour uses SSL encrypted transmission. Apply physical isolation and fragmented storage in the cloud to prevent data theft and data from being faked.

Maintenance free

The supplier is responsible for the daily maintenance and stability of the cloud to ensure the stability of the cloud guard tour system. Users do not need to maintain management software, greatly reducing the workload.

More stable

Alibaba Cloud technology support, the data is stable in the cloud, and will not cause data loss due to computer viruses, misuse, system crash, hard disk damage, and other reasons.

System compatible

There are no geographical restrictions, no terminal equipment restrictions, and no limit on the number of people. Users can remotely manage, diversify queries, and multiple people can view reports at the same time.

Free installation

The patrol software is set up on the cloud server. Users do not need to install software on their own computers, The software can be used directly in the web version.

Low cost

Users do not need to purchase patrol equipment and software, and do not need to pay for system maintenance, greatly reducing the labor and operating costs of the enterprise.


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