Asset Management System

Manage, control and protect your physical assets, keep your assets where they are most needed, and manage them wherever you are.

Landwell asset management system controls access to a variety of assets, including cell phones, mobile devices, notebooks, radios, weapons, and other physical assets.


Thanks to the smart asset management system you will always know where your assets are and who is using them. You can grant permissions to users and monitor the frequency of access. The system automatically records the use of the item, providing access records and reports.


The system can also be integrated into a system with key management or other security applications to flexibly meet different management needs. The system is modular, which means you can customize different types of modules or extensions to suit your needs.

Permission settings

People without permission cannot access the key. Each key is only the responsibility of the authorized user. This means less key loss and accidental loss of property.

24 hours

Authorized users can retrieve and take the keys at any time, which means less labor costs and lower dependencies. By checking the access history, you can easily complete key management.


The system automatically records the use of the key in real time, providing access records and reports. By checking access history, you can always get the latest information.

System compatible

The Landwell Key Management System is compatible and can be integrated into the company's access control, monitoring, attendance, ERP and other systems to achieve system networking.

Remote management

You can easily configure the keys with system software and remotely set permission for users. Online control and inquiries help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Modular design

The Landwell Key Management System can be standard or tailored to suit the needs of different customers. The key module and the storage module can be combined in one system.


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