i-Keybox 100,150,200,240

C Series mainly provides standard key cabinet products for industry users. The standard single cabinet is configured with 48 KeySlots. The number of keys below 48 can be changed arbitrarily by activating a different number of KeySlots. You can also choose 24, 32, 48 standard liner plates to match. By choosing a floor type cabinet, the number of keys in the single cabinet can be greatly increased up to 200 KeySlots.

C Series key cabinets with Standard Terminal could be controlled through i-keybox software on PC. The control terminal communicates via TCP/IP.


Key Capacity: 100,150,200,240
Dimensions: 893(W) x 1820(H) x 400(D)mm
Weight: 95-150kg
Material: Steel + Acrylic
Terminal: Standard Terminal
Communication Mode: TCP/IP
Database: SQL Server/Microsoft Access
Power Supply: 110v / 220v > 12V 5Ah
Power Consumption: 60W Max


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